What Is a Distributor for The WaterMan?

A WaterMan Distributor is a person or company that actively promotes and offers for sale WaterMan water filters. A Distributor buys filters directly from The WaterMan at wholesale and resells at the suggested retail price to their customers. With the help of The WaterMan, they keep track of their water filter customer base, manage filter upkeep, filter replacements, and filter rebeds. Distributors install or arrange for the installation of filters if the customer needs or requests installation services.


  • Must submit an application and be approved
  • Must sign a Distributor Agreement and abide by its terms
  • Must purchase a Distributor start-up packet (see description below)
  • Must be a user of WaterMan filters
  • Encouraged to carry liability insurance for installation


Being a Distributor of WaterMan filters is an ideal additional profit center for anyone selling directly to home owners, and/or providing products or services for the home. A partial list of occupations that would merge seamlessly with the role of WaterMan Distributor would include:

  • Home Remodelers
  • Home Builders
  • General Contractors
  • Interior Designers
  • Plumbers
  • Basement, Kitchen & Bath Refinishers