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How Chemicals Get In Your Water

Our drinking water isn’t as clean as it used to be. Today our water contains hundreds of chemicals, including herbicides, pesticides, detergents, drugs and a lot of chlorine! The water company is NOT at fault—they’re simply dealing with far dirtier ground water due to our widespread use of chemicals. Our water is constantly recycled through our drains, wastewater treatment plants, rivers, water treatment facilities, and back to our faucets. The cycle is non-stop and we pollute more every day. We don’t even know what the long term effects are of ingesting trace amounts of so many chemicals throughout a lifetime, but common sense tells us we should be filtering the chemicals out before we ingest the water!

You and Me

We all pollute. Nearly every chemical product we use ends up down a drain, but it doesn’t disappear! Everything from laundry detergent to toilet bowl cleaner contaminates our supply daily.

Industrial Waste

Prime industrial property is located on surface water (rivers, streams, etc.) for a practical reason: water is needed in the manufacturing process. The allowable amount of pollutants in the wastewater is regulated by federal agencies. Proper enforcement and the levels allowed cause concern.

Farm Runoff

Nearly all farmers treat their land with harsh herbicides, pesticides, and growing additives. They need those chemicals to produce crops in quantity, but when it rains it all washes to our rivers and ground water, back into circulation.

Water and Sewage Treatment Facilities

Once again, water treatment facilities are not to blame for our over abundance of chemicals. They make sure we all get disease-free potable water. In order to do so, they must add more chemicals (namely chlorine) in order to kill harmful bacteria.

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