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Ways to Represent The WaterMan

Below are brief descriptions of the four different ways you can benefit from promoting WaterMan filters. Your options range from a simple “Customer Referral” through “Advocate” to full “Distributor”. Please take a moment to look over the options and determine what best fits your needs. When you have identified the option you think is the best fit, get in touch with us via our Contact Page or call at (614) 430-3840. We will answer any questions and make arrangements to get you the materials necessary to professionally proceed.

In order to participate in any of our representation programs, we do require that you own and use a WaterMan filter. We believe strongly in our products and want your recommendation to be based on genuine personal experience.


Advocates actively promote WaterMan filters through distribution of brochures and packets at their place of business. Advocates refer their prospects to The WaterMan in Columbus, and do not have to collect payments, manage inventory or upkeep filters, while earning a defined commission.

Requirements: Be a customer, and agree to actively distribute WaterMan literature to customer base and promote sales. 


Distributors build their own water filter business by selling and installing WaterMan filters in their city. Distributors essentially buy at wholesale and retain all profits from retail sales and installation.

Requirements: Make initial investment for business set-up as described in Distributor Agreement. 

Clean Water
Ship and Install
Whole House Filtration
Removes Chemicals