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 Home Size (sq. ft.) Model Number Installed Price Daily Cost
0 – 1,000 635N $849 $1.16
1,000-2,500 744N $1,049 $1.44
2,500 – 5,000 844N $1,249 $1.71
Over 5,000 948N $1,449 $1.98
This filter is designed to remove chemicals and other toxins from your water including Chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, drugs, and much more.
Contact us and we will help find the right size filter to meet the needs for your home! We will ship and install it for you!
Our Chemical Absorption Filter is our best-selling product. This system effectively filters all the water in your home, because it is installed where your water enters the premises. This provides good, clean, healthful hot and cold water throughout the premises.
The Chemical Absorption Filter earns its name by chemicals from your water. The most noticeably removed chemical is Chlorine because your water will taste and smell better immediately.
Inside the main filter tank is the highest grade coconut-shell carbon in combination with KDF 55. Coconut-shell carbon filtration is arguably the most healthful type of filtering system you can install in your home, as it removes chemicals and toxins from your water without removing the natural minerals and electrolytes your body needs. The KDF 55 makes the filter bacterial static and removes heavy metals like LEAD, MERCURY, etc. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your whole family is ingesting clean, healthful water.

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