Customer Referral Program

A Waterman Filters Referrer is any customer who wants to help their family, friends, and associates by sharing their enthusiasm for good tasting, clean, healthful water.

A Waterman Filters customer who refers someone who also becomes a Waterman customer will receive a referral fee. Referrals can happen by simply having a positive testimonial conversation that encourages them to call us, providing literature (business card, brochure, website address), or getting their approval to accept a call from us. We facilitate referral activity by providing customers with a coupon that entitles their contact to a free consultation and dollars off when they decide to buy.

Waterman Filters does not use high-pressure sales tactics, so rest assured the people you refer will never feel harassed or intimidated in any way. When we contact a referral, we describe our filters and what they do as well as answer any questions. If they decide they are not interested in a unit or further information, we thank them for their time and do not contact them again.

Referral information is for Waterman Filters sales only. We will never sell referral information.

If you are a current Waterman Filters customer and would like to refer someone, please either call us at (614) 453-4100 or e-mail us using our quick contact form.